About Mark



My name is Mark Anley.  I was a Police Dog Section Training Sergeant and had over 20 years experience working and training police dogs. I am now a NASDU Accredited Trainer training Security Dogs for General Purpose and Scent work for Drugs/ Explo and Victim Detection.

Q. Why Choose me for training ?

A. Look at my Service History !

  • Over 20 years working and training Police Dogs that had been proven to do their jobs in the hardest working environments .
  • A career in Police Security and Protection roles including Firearms.
  • Qualified as a trainer through years of experience and training by the Police.
  • Accredited by NASDU to deliver Security dog training for previous 4 years. (National Association of Security Dog Users)
  • My dogs have been worked, tried and tested for 24 years !
  • Awards in Training delivery and Security.


I have been told that I have an approachable and friendly manner that makes people feel relaxed.



I hope to hear from you soon!

        Mark Anley